5 Person Spa Pool

Large swim spa pool nz



The 5.5 Elite Star is the premium Swim Spa experience, offering the same dimensions as the 5.5 Elite Hydro. On top of this, it provides 28 extra jets, a more efficient heating system and LED waterfall features that bring the pool alive at night.


Every feature in a Galaxy Spa is designed to help you relax while catching up on quality time alone, with family or friends. From the perfect couples spa to the ultimate entertainers model with standard or upgraded features, we’ll have a model that suits your individual needs. More…


The premium water management system in our Galaxy Spas is designed to keep your spa water crystal clear with minimal maintenance. Self cleaning, bearingless jets and the synthetic cabinet are all designed for easy care giving you more time to relax and unwind. More…


Our Galaxy Spas are constructed with layers of insulation on the spa shell, cabinet and base, have a no gaps cabinet and a high density cover that combined save running costs by keeping the warm air in the cabinet. And all Star models are heat pump ready. More…


Galaxy Spas combine expert engineering and workmanship, the latest technology and top brand materials for New Zealand conditions. We are proud to offer a 10 year structural and a 5 year acrylic and jets warranty on our entire range. More…