1. Energy Smart Spanet Controller
  2. Premium Thermolock Insulation
  3. Larger Heater
  4. Larger Blower
  5. Water Fountain
  6. LED Fittings
  7. Fibreglass Base
  8. Horizontal Cabinet Panels
  9. Heat Pump & WiFi Ready

LED Fittings

Enhanced lighting with back lit controllers, water fountains and head rest lights– all standard features on our STAR models.

Energy Smart SpaNet Controller

Our state-of-the-art SpaNet controllers with “intelligent thermal tuning” learn how to minimise heating and pump running times, reducing running costs. Handy “eco”, “weekend” and “away” modes provide other ways to suit your individual needs and save you money.

Premium Thermolock Insulation

All Galaxy STAR models have thermolock lining on the cabinet and base as well as high density PE foam sheeting in the cabinet to eliminate heat loss and reduce running costs.

Water Fountain

For mood and added water maintenance the 3 backlit jets can be programmed
to variable heights (the Hydra Star and Aquarius Stars have neck massage waterfalls)

Larger Heater

All STAR models include a 700W blower for enhanced soft tissue massage.

Larger Blower

All STAR models include a 700W blower for enhanced hydrotherapy massage.

Heat Pump Ready

Every STAR model in the Galaxy Spa range has the control system, pump and connections already in place, so you can connect a Galaxy Spa heat pump at any time. Our integrated heat pump technology allows you to control the heat pump from your spa touchpad. Heat pumps can save up to 75% on heating costs by transferring heat from the air into your spa water, turning every kilowatt of power into 5 kilowatts of heat. You are also able to add a SmartLink Wifi. So you can control your spa anywhere from your smartphone.

Horizontal Cabinet Panels

The Galaxy STAR range incorporates sleek, easy care, wide horizontal panels on the cabinet.

Fibreglass Base

Our Galaxy STAR range of spas feature a wrap-around fibreglass base to seal your spa from the elements, using multiple layers of insulation to stop heat loss and save you money.


Experience the welcoming warmth of the water and relax in your personal space, tailored for your individual hydrotherapy preference with ergonomic seating, precise jet placement and aromatherapy to stimulate your senses and soak away worries, aches and pains. More…


The premium water management system in our Galaxy Spas is designed with several unique technologies that maximise water quality and minimise maintenance and chemical use – so you can relax and get the most enjoyment from your spa pool. More…


Galaxy Spas has invested in a range of ECO SPA technologies for cost effective running. These include our 7 layer insulation system, energy smart filtration, power saving control system plus the connections and technology to run a low cost heat pump or gas heater. More…


Galaxy Spas are designed for NZ conditions, combining expert engineering and workmanship, the latest technology and quality top brand materials. We are proud to offer a 10 year structural and a 5 year acrylic and jets warranty on the entire range. More…