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How long does delivery take?

Delivery times vary based on the availability of the model you are interested in and where in New Zealand you are located. For a standard, non-rural delivery, we will always aim to have the spa with you within 2-3 weeks. If the spa has a long way to travel, it may take longer, but our fulfilment team will update you as necessary. 

How do I prepare for delivery?

There are a number of important considerations and preparation actions to be done prior to delivery. These include spa placement, access, foundations, drainage, and electrical requirements for your specific model. We make it easy with our dedicated model-specific spa guides, which provide detailed information and checklists for delivery, set up and water care. This document is located on our Getting Started page. It’s important to be home when your spa is delivered and to thoroughly inspect the spa. In the unlikely event it has been damaged in transit, immediately contact your sales consultant.



How do I set up my spa?

Your spa will arrive with a layer of thermal wrapping and a plastic outer. You can simply remove these layers if you have opted for into-position delivery. We advise that you set up your cover lifter before filling your spa with water. From here, read the installation guide for preparing, filling and treating the water in your spa. The installation section of the spa guide for your chosen model covers all set up information in detail. We advise you to read this thoroughly. This document is located on our Getting Started page.

Do you install my spa for me?

Our spas are designed for you to easily set up once it’s in position. We’ve created a straightforward installation guide included in your spa manual. If your specific spa requires electrical hardwiring or you’ve opted for a heat pump add-on, you can speed things up by booking your electrician and plumber to visit in advance, so they can complete the work as soon as possible following delivery.

How do I fill my spa?

  • Make sure the power to your spa pool is turned off.
  • Remove one of your filters and place your garden hose into the filter basket (this is required to prevent air locks in the plumbing).
  • Fill the spa pool to the recommended fill line, indicated by the sticker on the inside of the spa.
  • Place the filter back into the filter basket.
From here, follow the instructions in your spa manual to set your filtration cycles, temperature and correctly add your chosen pool chemical. The installation section of the spa guide for your chosen model covers all setup information in detail. We advise you to read this thoroughly. This document is located on our Getting Started page.

How do I prepare my spa water for use?

Download the water care guide relevant to your sanitisation method:
  • Galaxy SuperChlor Start-Up Kit 
  • SimpleSilver
The water care section of the spa guide for your chosen model covers all setup information in detail. We advise you read this thoroughly. This document is located on our Getting Started page.

Do I need an electrician or plumber to set up my spa?

Yes, unless you have purchased a 10-15amp spa pool and a certified electrician has previously installed the appropriate plug. Any spa that is 25amps+ will need to be hardwired by a certified electrician. Your spa manual outlines the exact electrical configuration of your chosen model. For hardwired models, we recommend having a certified electrician visit before your spa is delivered to assess the power capability of your proposed site and plan for the hardwiring. Once the spa is delivered, they will then need to return to hardwire the power supply to the spa's controller.

Is my spa WiFi or heat pump compatible?

Transform and Elevate Series models are heat pump and WiFi compatible due to their Gecko controller and touch screen. All Galaxy Spas have an internal heater and can operate without an external heat pump, however if you wish to reduce your running costs (by up to 85%), a heat pump is a recommended additional purchase.  If it is important to you to be able to control your spa remotely, i.e. you travel a lot and need to change your settings or are using your spa for a holiday home, it would be worth exploring WiFi compatible Transform and Elevate models. Talk to your consultant for more information about which model will suit you.

Pool maintenance & watercare

Which water sanitiser should I use?

Galaxy spa pools utilise an inbuilt CD ozone system which handles most of your spa pool's water sanitisation. Chlorine or simplesilver™ take care of the rest. Our Galaxy SuperChlor start-up kit has all the components required to set up and maintain crystal clear water from the beginning of your spa ownership. Galaxy has engineered our chlorine system to be gentle on the skin, soft in smell and to effectively sanitise your water. If chlorine is not for you, you may wish to use simplesilver™, a low-maintenance chlorine-free option. Your consultant can talk to you about which option is best suited to you.

How often do I need to empty and refill my spa?

If you are using the Galaxy SuperChlor start-up kit, we recommend changing your spa water every three to four months. If you are using simplesilver™, you can change your water annually. It ultimately depends on your water chemistry, so we also recommend changing your water if your testing strips consistently show unusual results after following the troubleshooting steps or if you have cloudy or discoloured water even after treatment. Your water care guide will go into further detail about water care maintenance and troubleshooting when needed, as well as instructions on draining your spa. Water chemistry is affected by many variables so our technical team is on hand to support and advise.

What is the difference between standard and economy mode?

In standard mode, the heater will switch on as soon as the water temperature drops 1-2 degrees below the set degree. In economy mode, the heater switches on only during the first hour of the filtration cycles. If you want to run your spa on economy mode, set your filtration cycles around when you are most likely to use your spa.See video instructions here.

My water is cloudy. What do I do?

If your water has gone cloudy, it is likely out of balance due to a high level of total dissolved solids. Follow the below instructions:
  1. Check your filters. Ensure they are clean using a filter cleaning fluid. We recommend Galaxy Spas Cartridge Cleaner.
  2. You will have received testing strips in your start-up water care kit (Chlorine customers). Read the instructions, and once comfortable, test your water. Then reference the colours of your test strip to the table on the testing strip bottle's side.
  3. Top up your chemicals to the recommended levels and wait 24 hours before testing again.
  4. If the water is still cloudy, please take a sample of the spa water to a local water specialist for checking (Mitre 10 & Bunnings offer free checks in-store but make sure you know how many litres your spa holds).
  5. If this doesn’t resolve your water quality, the best option is to empty the spa and refill it with clean water.


I’m having trouble with my touchpad. What should I do?

Refer to the correct troubleshooting guide for your spa controller and touchpad on our Technical & Warranty page.
  • If your spa has a Spa Tech touchpad, you can refer to the getting started guide here
  • If your spa has a Gecko touchpad, you can refer to the getting started guide here.

Which model is my spa?

Refer to your proof of purchase to locate the model name of our spa. If you cannot find it, there is a metal nameplate on your spa's cabinetry with the serial number. Using this serial number, contact Galaxy Spas so that they can confirm the model name for you.

Why doesn't my pump-2 button work?

If you own a single massage pump model, you do not have a 'pump-2'. However, our Unwind and Transform Series use a universal Spa Tech touchpad, regardless of the number of pumps. If you are unsure if your spa has a second pump, consider the electrical configuration. If it is 10-15amps, it will likely have just one massage pump; if it is 25-32 amps, it will have a second pump.

I think my spa is leaking. How can I be sure?

If you have just filled your spa, please note that this could be leftover moisture from the drain valve. To best identify a leak, remove the spa paneling and, with the jets running, check the plumbing unions, drain valves, and main unions. Once done, fill the spa up to the watermark and monitor overnight.

Do I have an airlock and how do I fix it?

If your spa is showing signs of an airlock, try ‘burping’ the jets by turning the pumps on and off for 40 seconds. If this does not resolve the problem, remove the front panel of the spa and twist the black bleed valve nut on the circulation pump with the spa turned off to release any locked air.

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A spa pool is a compact body of water whereas a swim spa ranges from 4.4m-8m.


How many people will be using the spa?

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Who will be the primary users? Do you frequently have guests with whom you'd like to enjoy your pool?


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Consider whether you have a size preference or restrictions in your outdoor space.


What kind of massage experience are you looking for?

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Opt for a 'high star' massage rating if you have specific problem areas you would like to work on.


Would you like your swim spa to have massage seats?

Swim Spas have designated massage seats at one end, whereas Plunge Pools have steps.


Would you like two separate zones (hot spa zone and cool swim zone)?

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Separate zones allow for a cooler temperature to swim and a warmer temperature for bathing/hydrotherapy.


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Our Swim Series contains models ranging from 4.4m to 8m.
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