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The health benefits of using a Galaxy spa.

Humans have enjoyed the benefits of hot water therapy for thousands of years. At Galaxy Spas, we are passionate about honing these benefits to enhance your relaxation and wellbeing. Having a spa at home provides people with a space to relax and focus on their core needs, needs so often compromised by modern life’s fast pace. By prioritising human connection, physical rehabilitation and solo mindfulness, a Galaxy spa provides a space to enjoy a slower pace in a place of sanctuary.

These are just some of the incredible health benefits of a Galaxy spa:

Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

Physical activity and exercise can result in small tears in your muscles. Soaking in a Galaxy spa for just 20 minutes can alleviate this pain. Warm water, combined with the massaging power of jets, increases blood flow to tight muscles and promotes repair. Spa pool hydrotherapy also relieves numerous conditions such as back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and injury recovery. 

Mindfulness and Sleep

The elements required for a good night’s sleep centre on how you wind down in the time leading up to sleep. That is, your bedtime routine. It is really important to prepare your body and mind before going to bed, including turning off devices, turning down lights and relaxing.

Creating a routine of soaking for 20 minutes each evening is proven to aid this crucial part of our day. Humans naturally experience a slight drop in body temperature as they begin to fall asleep. The temperature drop you experience from exiting the hot water in a spa pool mimics this physiological process and aids the body’s natural sleep prep.

When we relax in a spa, we also experience a technology-free zone, focus on breathing and generally allow ourselves to take a break from our busy lives. These 20 minutes decrease our stress, improve the quality of sleep and increase our ability to be present throughout the next day, thus creating a mindful routine.

Invest in your wellbeing to experience relaxed muscles, reduced pain and stress and higher quality sleep. Explore our range of Galaxy Spas today and speak to our spa consultants to explore the best model for you.


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