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Choosing your spa pool layout.

At Galaxy Spas, we ergonomically design our spa pool’s moulds to align perfectly with your body when filled with water. When submerged, your arms and legs will typically float and find a higher point to rest, so your spa seats must accommodate this. Here is a breakdown of the different types of seats our custom moulds offer and the questions to ask yourself during selection.

Spa pool seat options

1. Neck and Shoulder Therapy Seats

Neck and shoulder therapy seats have jets that are located at or above the water line to target your neck and shoulders. They are often coupled with foot jets positioned where you put your feet in the footwell. 

2. Recliner Loungers

Recliner lounges are designed for lying down and are perfect for when you want to fully relax. These seats often have jets along your legs and on your feet as well as on your back to provide full body massage, but remember, they do take up the same amount of room as three upright seats.

3. Therapy Seats

Therapy seats have lots of jets that target muscle groups on your back (and often your feet) to provide therapeutic relief for aches and pains.

4. Bench-Style and Other Upright Seats

These seats often have fewer jets and provide shallower, upright seating. A spa with more of these types of seats allows you to fit more people in your spa, great for families or the more social spa customer.


  • How many people will be using the spa at any one time?
  • Are there tall members of your family who require a spa with extra depth?
  • What seating configuration would you prefer? The number of loungers is often important, along with the specific massage capabilities of the spa’s different seats via its jets.

Spa models from other companies may appear to have similar seating configurations, but the comfort level when sitting varies drastically between spa brands and mould types. Depth of seating, armrests and foot space all play a crucial part in ensuring the comfort of your spa. When comparing spa brands, consider the care taken to ensure comfort. We always recommend that taller people opt for a spa with a deeper mould, so their upper body is not sitting too high above water level.

A great way to guarantee you are comfortable in your spa is to sit in an empty mould. If possible, we recommend sitting in several different options to ensure you select the best fit. Some of our retail stores have a wet model and you can make an appointment to have a test soak and try out the features for yourself.

If you cannot visit one of our stores, a consultant will match you to your perfect spa, ensuring all the features and seating requirements suit you and your loved one’s needs.


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Do you want a spa pool or swim spa?

Spa pool
Swim spa
A spa pool is a compact body of water whereas a swim spa ranges from 4.4m-8m.


How many people will be using the spa?

1-3 people
4-6 people
Who will be the primary users? Do you frequently have guests with whom you'd like to enjoy your pool?


What size are you looking for?

less than 2m
more than 2m
Consider whether you have a size preference or restrictions in your outdoor space.


What kind of massage experience are you looking for?

1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
Opt for a 'high star' massage rating if you have specific problem areas you would like to work on.


Would you like your swim spa to have massage seats?

Swim Spas have designated massage seats at one end, whereas Plunge Pools have steps.


Would you like two separate zones (hot spa zone and cool swim zone)?

Unsure yet
Separate zones allow for a cooler temperature to swim and a warmer temperature for bathing/hydrotherapy.


What length is your space?

< 5m
> 5m
No restraints
Our Swim Series contains models ranging from 4.4m to 8m.
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