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Spa pool running costs.

A common question when researching spas is, ‘how much will my running costs be?’ Several variables influence running costs and how to make them as efficient as possible. At Galaxy Spas, we prioritise features that ensure economic running for the duration of your spa ownership.

Energy Saving Features

  • ‘Ultra Quiet’ Circ Pump – low power draw for economic circulation, keeps your spa quiet when not in use.
  • Premium Insulation – three to five layers of our premium insulation ensure heat retention through New Zealand’s winter.
  • WiFi and Heat Pump Capability – a heat pump is an additional purchase that will help to lower your running costs. The return on investment is around three to five years, depending on how often you use your spa, as heat pumps can save up to 75% in running costs. Choosing a heat pump-compatible model is worth considering for those looking at long term solutions to keep your running costs down. Over the lifetime of your spa or swim spa, it is well worth the initial upfront investment.
  • Economy Mode – circulation settings can be modified to promote economic running.


  • Spa placement – in the sun / shade / wind / inside?
  • Outdoor temperature – the colder this is, the more your spa has to work to keep the water warm. Those living in colder climates may find higher power bills than those who live further north, just like heating your home.
  • Frequency of use – every day, every other day or weekends only? The extent of usage will influence running costs.
  • Power providers – some suppliers are more expensive than others, making a massive difference to each spa owner’s running costs.
  • Spa model  – our spas come with different features and components as well as in a variety of sizes. These differences all influence running costs.
  • Set temperature –spa pools come with a default temperature of 38 degrees, which can be lowered to a minimum of 10 degrees or increased to 40 degrees. The higher the set temperature, the higher the running costs.

All of these contributing factors make it difficult to estimate how much your spa will cost to run.

Your sales consultant may be able to reference case studies of their Galaxy customers, but please note that this will be a guideline only and we make no guarantees of running costs.


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